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Tauma Wiggins

A Warm Welcome to Tauma Wiggins Art.com

A behind the scene look at Tauma’s views on art and life, including blogs, photo, and future events.

About Tauma Wiggins

my home studio

 Tauma Wiggins is a watercolorist with a background in journalism & architectural watercolor. Her commissions include house portraits, historical landmarks, baby announcements, anniversary & wedding gifts, cityscapes and much more. 

 Her focus in 2018 is on creating an after school program to connect middle school kids with professional working artists called #YoungArtistsInStudio.  



Outside of watercolor, she writes (check out her blog page) gyms, updates the new iOS update, and spends a lot of time saying “NO MA’AM!” or “Good Doggy!” to a delightful new family member, Sienna.

Sienna, named after my favorite gold watercolor


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