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A Warm Welcome to Tauma Wiggins Art.com

A behind the scene look at Tauma’s views on art and life, including blogs, photo, and future events.

Keeping it Real

Hello Tauma Wiggins Art friends,

If you are on my email list, we have connected before through art, and even though days and weeks get crazy, I truly cherish the connections and meaningful conversations.

I also cherish keeping it real.

Art career-wise, I’m “forking” in the road, taking a new, more authentic-for-me path. Writing is my other favorite art form, so look for my new monthly blog, where I will write about real stuff, my own struggles, peculiarities, defeats, and victories, as well as what I have learned from them. My goal is that you’ll be able to either relate or get something out of each one.

Getting a new business idea up and running is hard, but it’s not like I have to tell you that!  Let me know you are reading this. Please hit reply and send me a quick line, or leave a comment on this month’s blog, Traffic Jams Do Not Inspire.

Cool Kids at the Deep Ellum Show

Cool Kids at the Deep Ellum Show

These cool kids asked to draw my portrait at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival immediately after a very stressful situation. I took it as a good omen that the Young Artists In Studio program is off to a great start!

Why I Created Young Artists In Studio…

As a little thank you, I will mail you a Landmark Collection skyline print. Look for the red envelope! This goes for new sign-ups to my blog, so share with a friend!

Looking forward to new things, giving back through art, & keeping it real,


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