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The Vecere’s Historic Ranch-Style Home – Dallas, TX -Watercolor commission

Chuck & Emily Vecere’s Historic Ranch-Style Home- Dallas, Texas. Watercolor

Chuck: “Tauma exceeded our expectations of making our vision come to life in her rendering of our home and family.

She listened to what we wanted, took photos of our home, and provided several sketches before moving on to her final draft. She also brought several other artworks as examples to help with color palate and size of our rendering. We asked her to combine two of her sketches into the final rendering, which came out fantastic.

We commissioned our rendering in December, so Tauma had to improvise for a bright summery setting, which she nailed.

Most of all, we like how Tauma was able to capture our family in the picture. I would highly recommend Tauma to anyone looking to get their home rendered.”

Chuck Vecere

Tauma Wiggins
Tauma Wiggins
Tauma Wiggins is a watercolorist with a background in journalism & architectural watercolor. Her current projects are a series of charcoals & watercolors of the American Southwest, & creating a program to connect artist youth with professional working artists. The rest of the time she can probably be found hanging out with her favorite kids, running, or in the gym.

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