YAIS Summer 2018 Application

Tauma Wiggins is an architectural watercolorist in Dallas, Texas.  Based on her own journey as an artist & two decades of working with youth, she created YAIS, a program to help young artists.

Young Artists In Studio is a new program connecting middle & high-school art students to Dallas' top creative professionals.

YAIS’ current rotation of mentors include creative directors, web designers, illustrators, photographers, logo designers, stage/film/set builders, fashion designers, tattoo artists, painters & muralists.

<em>Art students learning from stage/film designers @ T.C. Marsh Middle School & Thomas Jefferson High School</em>

Art students learning from stage/film designers @ T.C. Marsh Middle School & Thomas Jefferson High School.

This year, Tauma introduced YAIS to three Dallas art class rooms.   Art business professionals meet with advanced art students in groups and one-on-one discussions. Through stories of how they got started & “insider scoop” on what’s happening in business today, they inspire art students to imagine a future where they can make money using their artistic talents.

YAIS in Spring 2018

Frank McCright , a graphics/web design/photography/film designer & director, brought pictures of his high school drawings of comics and superheroes, many which looked similar to the student’s work. He explained how he taught himself coding, which led to him becoming a creative director for big brands and commercials and traveling all over the world. “This is the future,” he told the kids, and showed them how they could teach themselves coding through a certain website.

Jill Broussard at Marsh Middle School
Jill Broussard at Marsh Middle School

Photographer Jill Broussard showed middle-school art students a Doritos ad that she took the picture for. She explained how she went from teaching herself about the camera & working part time at Starbucks to getting her photographs in magazines.


Award winning tattooer "Wolf Slaughters" talked with kids about joining the army and how it gave him the discipline to run a successful business with 6 employees. He talked about not making excuses in life, respecting your core values and friends and about small business and taxes.

Art students getting the inside scoop from local professional artists.

File May 15, 2 27 40 PM

Art students listening to artist Mack of Fly Ink Tattoo.

Jewelry designer/sculptor/set builder Anna Alexanian showed the students that even the chairs they were sitting on were designed by an artist and that creative jobs are everywhere. She told students her knowledge of sculpture and wood work led to her job buildings sets for films and escape rooms and designing jewelry.

CEO of Gratuitous Sets Labs Mark Mumme talked about how he designed a microphone for The Voice and the qualities he looks for in an intern. Combining his talent of building things and making art he now has a huge "laboratory" where he and his partner build sets for escape rooms, films, commercials, and theater. He gave examples of how to value your artwork and charge correctly for it, and how he created a fake dead body for an escape room. 🙂


This summer ten art students will meet and receive mentorship from a rotation of creative professionals in Dallas. In addition, students will:

 -build & organize a professional art portfolio

-design a logo (winner's design to go on YAIS T-shirt)

-learn how to & properly apply for art contests

-observe professional creative studios in Dallas


Fill out online out application below and submit by Friday, June 1. 

*Student calendar will be sent home to parents after enrollment is finalized. 

All applicants will notified of results on June 6.

YAIS SUMMER PROGRAM is 8 weeks.  June 18- Aug. 10

*Location will be near the participating schools, and is still tbd.

*YAIS  will meet once a week, day of the week still tbd.

Questions about this program?
Email Tauma at tauma@taumawigginsart.com or call 214-681-2091.

summer YAIS program
YAIS summer program 2
Tauma Wiggins
Tauma Wiggins is a watercolorist with a background in journalism & architectural watercolor.  Her focus in 2018 is on watercolor commissions and creating #YoungArtistsInStudio, an after-school program that connects middle-school art students with professional working artists.  Outside of watercolor, she writes, gyms, updates the new iOS update, and spends a lot of time saying "NO MA'AM!" or "Good Doggy!" to Sienna, the new fuzzy family member.

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